What clients say about our programmes

"Refresh / revitalise your team each quarter using a bespoke ASC Programme. Crystallise local team goals during the sessions as well as recognising corporate KPI's. Benefit from one to one follow-up discussions after the team session to reinforce the improvements for the next Quarter." Senior Management Team Development Programme - PB Faiveley Wabtec.

"A comprehensive, thought provoking programme tailored to the needs of our business in both the short and the long term. The course helped to identify realistic aims, goals, targets and aspirations for both the business and the team along with identifying the blockers, which were stopping these being achieved, along with the tools and methods of removing the blockers to achieve a much higher level of excellence throughout. Excellent mentoring allowing clients to work better and smarter in their business." - PN Faiveley Wabtec.

"I would highly recommend ASC for team development. Straight forward structured approach where improved performance evolves through the sequence and structured tools and techniques used by the coach. Relaxed learning environment and interactive team exercises designed to ensure everyone's involvement with individual one/one follow-ups for support." Senior Management Team Development Programme - LM Faiveley Wabtec.

"ASC's methodology for continuous development is in my experience unique and effective. The follow-up calls stretch, challenge and project you out of your comfort zone." - Executive Coaching Programme - SM Spirit AeroSystems.

"I have built bridges with team members that I feel is a similar relationship to those that normally take 5 years." - Translating High Performance Team Programme - DF Spirit AeroSystems.

"I did not know what to expect. The mentor approach, I found very helpful. I felt Alan was very professional and discrete. After the initial meeting, I felt the course was tailor-made for my requirements." Executive Coaching Programme - AW Chivas Brothers.

"A very well run programme with a mentor who by adding personal experiences was able to show how communications used in certain ways, can develop both the individual and teams. Follow-up calls and supply of additional materials as required were most useful." - Emotional Intelligence for Communication programme. - EZ. NHS Scotland.

"ASC provides a very useful insight to enable performance improvements in your company's most important assets - your people." Senior Management Team Development Programme - BN Spirit AeroSystems.

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