Make significant improvements in team performance

Developing your team just became a whole lot easier

Specially designed team programmes for professionals, gives you sustained performance. 

Develop more flexibly, in ways that suit your team
Leading a team can be rewarding and sometimes frustrating. Frustration often leads to tension. Working in a team with tension typically leads to performance drops. I design programmes based on people and business needs that reduce the tension, flex to changing needs and enable performance improvements.

Gain more value from budget spend 
Do you find people in your team don't apply everything learned on team development programmes? If development gained from a team day or workshop is not applied then the return on investment is not realised.  You need an approach that puts development into practice and gains the most value from the investment.   

Case studies

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Improved communication between business teams

When a business takeover leads to unclear communication and silos impacting collaboration, a rapid team review results in a 30 day turnaround and a major contract win. 

Elevating Executives into their roles - during the takeover year

When company leaders assign undefined roles to two high performing executives, an integrated mentoring programme enables them to establish the role beyond expectations.

Taking high performance higher - improving the best

When a highly experienced executive questions why his approach with people is leading to conflict, a balanced coaching programme enables immediate results and improvement.

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Performance improvement programmes typically cover a period of between 6 or 12 months and include workshops and team meetings integrated with face-to-face and online mentoring.

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